The Best Snack on Earth?

“Men’s Health” makes quite a claim proclaiming full fat cheese, of all things, the king of the snack.

Men’s Health has proclaimed full-fat cheese, of all things, the king of snacks. Sounds crazy, right? After all, cheese is often the first thing to go on a low-fat diet. It’s high in fat and makes its oily presence known on pizza, cheeseburgers and other enemies of the weight loss war. Still, there is a strong case for eating full-fat cheese.

Cheese is satisfying

Alan Aragon, the Men’s Health Weight-Loss Coach, says his clients actually see a reduction in appetite when they mindfully eat flavorful varieties of cheese. The protein/fat combo plus truly unique flavors and an endless array of choices could really make full-fat cheese a dieter’s best friend.

Lack of taste means lack of interest

Following the mantra of low-fat dairy gets you “mass-produced, vacuum-sealed cheeses” which result in loss of taste and eventually loss of interest. Especially for the foodies among us. And what is the real difference anyway? 20-30 calories in most cases. Plus, you are never going to get an aged Gouda or a truly tart Greek feta in a reduced fat version.

Our advice: Invest in an affordable kitchen scale and weigh each piece of cheese, aiming for a 1-ounce serving (about 100 calories) to start. Enjoy with some crisp veggies or fresh fruit. Choose from Men’s Health’s list of favorite cheeses. But don’t stop there. Try the cheese menu at your favorite restaurant instead of a sugary dessert.

The bottom line: Put cheese back on the menu.

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