Book Review: ‘The Drop,’ by Michael Connelly

This time around, Harry Bosch is dealing with the suicide of a friend's son, a cold case from two decades ago, and his old LAPD nemesis—and all the while his own retirement looms ahead.

In the latest Harry Bosch mystery, Michael Connelly once again demonstrates why he’s the best in the business. In The Drop, Harry is approaching retirement age, and is also the single parent of a 15-year-old daughter, who now lives with him. Both these things have made him more thoughtful, and perhaps more melancholy about good and evil, right and wrong, etc. Bosch’s overall humanity is precisely what makes him such an engaging, complex and fascinating character. This time around, Harry is running two cases simultaneously; one having to do with the perhaps-suicide death of the son of Irwin Irving, an old LAPD nemesis, and the other a cold case from 22 years ago involving the rape and murder of a teenage girl. As Harry sorts through the cases, he also sorts through himself, where he’s at and where he wants to be. A top-notch, sharply intelligent crime novel that’s not to be missed.

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Amy Reilly
Amy Reilly is executive editor of Reader’s Digest Select Editions.