The Most Trusted Cruise Line in America

The cruise line industry has faced some tough hurdles in 2020, but Americans have spoken. They love cruises and they trust this line the most!

While cruises might seem like a distant memory to many in the latter half of 2020, the cruise line industry is raring to set sail as soon as possible. Multiple major cruise lines hope to embark before the end of 2020. Some are planning on dates as early as late September while other international cruise lines have already had their first post-pandemic voyage. Cruises are an exceptionally fun way to travel, but it’s important to know which cruise lines are consistently voted the cleanest, or dirtiest, according to the CDC.

In the early months of 2020, cruise lines suffered from an exceedingly bad rap after a few coronavirus-related isolation incidents. These negative headlines, alongside total shutdowns and astronomical losses, have left many cruise-goers dubious about the fate of their beloved floating resorts on the water. We know cruises will look quite different after the coronavirus, but what does that mean for the fate of America’s once-favorite way to travel? What’s America’s favorite cruise line in the strange year that is 2020?

Brands you can trust

Here at Reader’s Digest, we’ve pledged to bring you the most trusted brands in America. We teamed up with the research firm Ipsos Connect to seek out the truth about your attitude, praises, and preferences about all the brands you know and love. When it comes to choosing which brands to rely on for your home and family, we know just how important it is to have only the best brands you can trust.

After interviewing over 3,500 Americans, we can now bring you the most trusted cruise line of 2020. The clear winner: Carnival Cruise Line.

Carnival Cruise Line

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According to our data, people love Carnival Cruise Line for very different reasons. To start, some love their rewarding loyalty programs and ever-changing, varied itineraries. Others still love their expansive entertainment options and family-friendly atmosphere. Some just love the themed parties!

Many of the respondents are repeat Carnival cruisers, with one respondent citing 14 carnival cruises to date. Nothing spells satisfaction more than a repeat customer. Whether you’re a (big) boat person or a car person, it’s worth taking a look at the other end of the spectrum—the least reliable car in the automotive industry.

Other respondents also echoed praise for the entertainment options: “I have been on several cruises with different lines. Carnival has multiple shows that can be whether you are early/late eating. The shows are very enjoyable and there are lots of activities.”

Further, if that’s not enough to convince you, how about the possibility of finding love? One participant stated he met his wife on a Carnival cruise. There’s nothing like a little love on the waves! Learn why this cruise-lover will never stop cruising, coronavirus or not.

Carnival took the competition in a landslide, surpassing Disney, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and other smaller competitors. Our readers really love Carnival, and you might, too! Next, keep thinking of the future and read about how flying will change after coronavirus.

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