The Most Trusted Hotel Chain in America

And the winner is...

When taking a trip, whether overseas or a quick road trip to a neighboring state, your conversations about where to stay all probably sound relatively the same. You want to make sure the room you are staying in is clean, comfortable, and safe. With a reliable brand name and a guaranteed standard that the company always meets time and time again, you are probably more likely to stay at a known hotel chain over someplace that you may not have heard of.

For the sixth year in a row, Reader’s Digest partnered with research company Ipsos Connect to learn a little more about the most trusted brands in America. We surveyed over 3,500 Americans to find out which names they depend on most when it comes down household products such as disinfectant wipes and pet food, to travel companies like airlines and cruise lines. Check out all of our Most Trusted Brands of 2020.

With 18 brands and over 6,200 properties across 118 countries, Hilton has been declared the most trusted hotel chain among Americans. Conrad Hilton opened the very first hotel in 1925 with the goal of operating the best hotel in Texas. Nearly 100 years later, his business has grown into an empire and one of the most respected hospitality brands in the world. Brands that fall under the Hilton umbrella include Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, and DoubleTree by Hilton. Check out these 12 things to consider before booking hotels again.

San Diego Bay Front HiltonLPETTET/Getty Images

“I have only stayed at Hilton properties for years,” said one survey taker. “They are always top-notch and have great locations. Always meet my expectations.”

Hilton caters to all kinds of experiences such as business travel, a quick one-night airport stay, or a luxury extended vacation. There are so many options to choose from that the decision can be overwhelming, but even with the various tiers of accommodations, the basic experience will remain consistent, leading travelers to fall back on the company as guaranteed reliable lodging.

“All of my stays have been great there,” claimed another Hilton devotee. “Plus, I am on Hilton Honors.”

With the Hilton Honors programs, guests can receive perks starting off with always being offered the best deal possible and gaining access to free Wi-Fi during their stay. With each new booking, members can earn points and check-in with the exclusive app (but make sure you learn about what this means for your privacy). Points can be redeemed on various benefits such as a welcome bonus, exclusive events, and even free nights.

“Hilton offers a consistent guest experience across all of its properties and makes things right when it gets them wrong,” explained one survey respondent.

So, on your next trip, Hilton may be the way to go if it isn’t already.

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