The Submission

Novelist Amy Waldman takes on American prejudice against Islam post-9/11.

submission book cover
In the new book The Submission, first-time novelist Amy Waldman, a former foreign correspondent for The New York Times, takes on American prejudice against Islam post-9/11. How does one react when a Muslim architect wins a contest to design a memorial at Ground Zero, just two years after the attack? In elegant prose, Waldman conjures a multiplicity of viewpoints—from midtown suits, for instance, and illegal immigrants—in a city still anguished over its losses. The politicians, bankers, families, reporters, and other characters who Waldman depicts each have their own interests that the author orchestrates into one humming narrative. It makes for exciting reading as well as astute social commentary. Author Claire Messud wrote in her review of The Submission in The New York Times, “…In these unnerving times…a historian’s novel at once lucid, illuminating and entertaining is a necessary and valuable gift.”

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