5 Things You Need to Do Right Away Now That You’re an Empty Nester

It's time to embrace this new phase of your life.

Becoming an empty nester can be an exciting new chapter in a parent’s life. After decades of caring for children and putting their needs first, you can focus on yourself and rediscover old passions you may have set aside. Whether it’s booking a dream vacation to a bucket-list destination or rekindling your relationships with old friends, it’s never been easier to stay connected while creating new moments that matter thanks to no-contract wireless service plans from Tracfone. With Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™ on America’s largest and most dependable network, Tracfone makes staying connected while exploring your newfound freedom easy and offers affordable plans so you can put extra funds toward pursuing your passions.  

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Read on for the five things you need to do to jumpstart this wonderful next phase of life:  

Start learning again

With more free time than you ever imagined, it’s an ideal time to keep learningsays Maria Leonard Olsen, author of 50 After 50—Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life. “I took classes at a local university and went on lots of women’s retreats to reflect on this new chapter of my life and discern what I would like to do with my time,” she says. Best of all: With the Internet, there are endless opportunities to learn—all from the comfort of your living room sofa. “Podcasts and online lectures provide a smorgasbord of ways to stretch your mind,” she says. Accessing all of this information is easy and inexpensive with Tracfone’s 30-day Smartphone Plan that comes with data on America’s best 4G LTE network for just $15 per month. 


Make a “dream” list

For Catherine Dougherty, a novelist in New Hampshire, her empty nester dream was to write a book—and she’s written four since she turned 50Her transformation was what she calls a total makeover for this new stage of life,” but it doesn’t have to be writing books. It can be whatever you want. To begin, make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do. “This list could include learning to play guitar, taking a sabbatical, having a pajama party with your best friends or just binge-watching your favorite shows,” she says. Keep your list handy on your smartphone—you never know when you’ll be inspired to make an addition! 

Reconnect with old friends

While it’s easy to feel totally free when you’re a newbie empty nester, it can also feel a little lonely, too, says Jennifer Quasha Deinard, a certified life coach in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Right away, I’d suggest pulling out your address book and reaching out to friends you haven’t had time to connect with recently,” she says. “See if you can try out new restaurants together or make plans to visit museums and galleries regularly.” With a variety of devices that fit any lifestyle and smartphone service plans starting at just $15, Tracfone helps you connect with old friends and allows you to put those extra funds toward visiting the places you have always dreamed of. When you reconnect, don’t forget to share photos and videos with loved ones from the favorite spots around town you’ve been visiting! 

Share what you know with others

Keeping your brain active is super important as you get older, and one way to stay sharp is to teach or tutor others. “Whether looking for some extra spending money or doing it as a volunteer, giving over your personal knowledge and experiences can be extremely beneficial to everyone,” says Samantha Morrison, a health and wellness expert at Glacier Wellness in Woodmere, New York. “Maybe you can teach piano or share your math skills with a college student. Either way, there are endless possibilities to choose from. In fact, most local libraries and community centers will gladly allow you to host a course at their facility.


Refocus on your health

 When the kids were home, taking care of your family and putting their needs over your own was one of your top concerns. Now that you’re an empty nesterits time to focus more on yourself. “Exercise, a healthy diet, and getting a good night’s sleep play an invaluable role in optimizing mental and physical health,” says Mary Margaret Thomas, RN, a nurse and coach who urges empty nesters to get out and move—even if that’s just a power walk through the neighborhood. “I always tell people that the mood-boosting benefits of exercise rivals prescription antidepressants in some clinical trials and exercise can help prevent almost every chronic illness, from heart disease and diabetes to obesity and dementia, so it’s a win-win. And, with Tracfone’s Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable network, you can easily download all your favorite health and fitness apps, so you can focus on your health onthego.  

The kids have left the house, and it’s time to get back to doing all the things you set aside to raise and take care of themStaying connected will be key to planning your adventures and keeping in-touch along the way. For more information on affordable, no-contract plans, visit www.Tracfone.com  

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