This Famous Painting Stinks, Say Some

Some wouldn't ford a river for this painting.

Who doesn’t love George Washington? Nobody, that’s who. And who doesn’t love “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” the famous painting that captures a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War? Plenty of folks, apparently. And this disliking of Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze’s 1851 masterpiece has apparently been going on for a long time.

I happen to love the ginormous (12′ by 21′) thing, but as this fascinating video from the Metropolitan Museum of Art shows, it’s not to everyone’s taste. In fact, at one point the painting came to be seen as a “huge embarassment” to the museum and was put into storage.

I’m happy to report that these days George and his men are right where they belong, hanging on the wall for all to see…and criticize.

In the modern day, Bob Ross is the dominant painter in our popular culture–here’s why he made three copies of each of his paintings. 

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