Three Treats for Book Lovers

Book lovers will enjoy these digital destinations.

Are you a book junkie? Are you missing a healthy books section in your local newspaper, or craving more variety? Here are three digital destinations for bibliophiles that go above and beyond:

1. The Los Angeles Review of Books: No, it’s not just for West Coasters, and yes, it’s chock full of reviews, news, interviews, essays, and videos, both on and off the beaten path. Everyone from ’80s icon Molly Ringwald (talking about her novel-in-stories) to the late David Foster Wallace to authors you’ve never heard of (but should have) can be found over here.

2. Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row: The heartland’s premier book review is by subscription, and now you can get it digitally if you live out of town. It’s more than worth the price of admission, not only for the thoughtful coverage of books and ideas but also because each issue comes with an original short story or novel excerpt, so your weekly fiction fix comes straight to your inbox.

3. Indie Reader:  More and more books are self-published, but you almost never see these titles featured in mainstream publications (unless they hit Fifty Shades of Gray-level sales). Indie Reader is your guide to all the do-it-yourself lit out there, and is also an invaluable resource if you want to self-publish your own book.

These are other must-have gifts for book lovers in your life.

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