Can You Guess What’s Inside TIME’s 60-Year-Old Time Capsule?

The answer is as mysterious as it is surprising...

objectsGooseFrol/ShutterstockHistory junkies, prepare to be amazed! Time, Inc. (the company that owns Time, Life, and Fortune magazines) has just discovered a 60-year-old time capsule in its office—and everyone is clamoring to see what’s inside.

They found the capsule tucked behind a cornerstone that weighed hundreds of pounds, the New York Times reports. Now, the company plans to move it from the original headquarters on the Avenue of the Americas in New York City to its new offices in the World Financial Center complex.

“I said…’It’s coming,’” Greg Giangrande, the company’s executive vice president, told the New York Times. “If I have to take a sledgehammer at midnight one night and kidnap it, it’s coming.”

But because the move would have cost $25,000, the company’s business execs initially gave Giangrande the thumbs down. They wanted to wait until façade renovations began on the building, which would make extracting the capsule cheaper.

At long last—two years, to be exact!—the time has now arrived. Time, Inc. removed the time capsule almost 58 years to the day after it was placed there in 1959.

You can now find the capsule on display outside of an auditorium named after one of the company’s founders, Henry R. Luce. Although we can’t get a peek inside until 2023 (when Time, Inc. turns 100!), the company gave us a hint as to the contents. Apparently, the capsule contains vintage copies of Time, Inc. magazines, including Time, Life, Fortune and Sports Illustrated. We might also find a type of “red pencil preferred by original Time editors, still in use” inside.

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