Tips for Grilling Steak and Burgers

Get fired up for juicy burgers, tender steaks, and kicking kabobs!

Grilling Burgers
Make ’em juicy! Follow just a few easy steps, and you’ll be enjoying the juiciest grilled burgers on the block.

  • Choose ground beef that is no leaner than 85 percent. Extra-lean beef is healthier, but the burgers tend to be dry and less flavorful than ground beef with a bit more fat.
  • Coarsely grind your own meat in a food processor, or ask your butcher to freshly grind beef just for you. A course grind is juicier than a fine grind.
  • For even juicier burgers, mix in a few tablespoons of tomato juice or beef broth for every pound of meat.
  • Handle meat gently. No need to press and squeeze your burgers into dense, perfectly uniform discs, just press lightly until the meat sticks together. The results will be juicier, more flavorful burgers.
  • Leave them alone. Resist the urge to press burgers with a spatula or turn them frequently.
You’ll have your own juicy burgers and steaks with these tips!

Grilling Steaks
You don’t need to drop a small fortune for a tender, tasty piece of beef. True, some of the tenderest steaks are the most expensive: the tenderloin, porterhouse, and T-bone. But some cheaper steaks are nearly as tender and delicious: the chuck top blade, New York, club, rib-eye and rib, top sirloin, and round tip.

  • Place steaks over the hottest part of the fire.
  • Leave them there for at least three minutes without moving.
  • When the first side is good and browned, flip them and sear the other side.

If your perfectly seared steak is still a bit too rare, simply move it to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking.
Looking to reduce the fat? The leanest cuts of beef come from the loin and the round.

Grilling London Broil
Actually, “London broil” is not a specific cut of beef but a style of cooking. The method is used with larger, cheaper cuts of meat (flank steak, top round, and shoulder) to give them maximum flavor and tenderness. The ideal piece of beef for London broil weighs at least a pound, and is at least 1-inch thick. But consider a big piece — London broil makes great leftovers, for sandwiches or stroganoff!

To make a delicious London broil, first marinate the meat, then cook it over high heat to form a dark-brown, flavorful crust on the outside. To keep juiciness and flavor, cook the to rare or medium-rare. Finally, slice the meat very thinly, at an angle, against the grain, for the greatest possible tenderness.

Cooking kebabs on the grill

Just about every culture has some form of the kebab (or kabob, shish kebab, satay, yakitori, or brochettes) — deliciously marinated, seasoned cubes of meat threaded onto a skewer and grilled over a hot fire.

  • Choose moderately tender beef for kebabs like top sirloin.
  • Make tougher cuts of meat tender with a yogurt-based marinade.
  • Because meat and vegetables have different cooking times, stick with one kind of food on each skewer.

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