18 Useful Tips for Your Living Room

We’ll show you how to use the stuff lying around your home to maintain, clean, and fix everything in your living room — from your dusty blinds to your chipped vases.

Useful Items for the Living Room and brilliant ways to use common household items to clean and decorate your living room.

Cleaning Tricks

Timesaving and efficient ways to dust your home clean!

Banish Bad Odors

Fixes for a fresher and more fragrant home.

Carpet and Rug Stains: Quick Fixes

Remove carpet and rug stains without going broke.

Clean Baby Spit-Up

A simple solution for cleaning up baby spit-up.

Clean Dirty Window Screens

Tricks for window cleaning that will make you want to throw open the windows!

Computer Cleaning Tips

Keep your technology in tip-top shape with these tricks.

Disguise Wear On Mirrors

Get good-as-new mirrors with this valuable tip.

Dress Up Your Windows

Get in the spirit with these smart window-decorating ideas.

Help with Hanging Picture Frames

Beautify your living space with these tips for wall hangings.

Keep Flowers Fresh

Preserve flowers and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.

Make Windows Crystal Clear

Get glass shining and windowframes revitalized with these cleaning tips.

Repair Torn Window Screens

Solutions for fixing up a damaged window screen.

Rub Out Water Rings

Stop worrying over water rings — these fixes will make your tables look terrific.

Spruce Up Your Wooden Furniture

Helpful ideas for cleaning wooden furniture.

Tips for Cleaner Drapes and Blinds

Get your window-coverings clean and dust-free.

Wipe Grimy Wallpaper Clean

Brighten a wallpapered room with these cleaning tips.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest