Top 3 Picks: The Best of America Photo Contest 2013

For our Best of America Photo Contest we invited you to send an image that conveyed what you love about our country. Here are three winners that stood out from hundreds of submissions.

Olympic PeninsulaAndra Van Kempen
FIRST PRIZE WINNER: “Most people know about the Great Lakes and the mountain ranges flanking both sides of the country, but few may realize t hat there’s a rain forest in Washington! I captured this magical, sun-kissed scene while walking on the state’s Olympic Peninsula.”—Andra Van Kempen, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Pig raceMissy Morrill
SECOND PRIZE WINNER: “What’s more American than a county fair? This one in Alameda County, California, has yummy food, games, and—of course—pig races. People walk up to the fence and just smile. It’s hard not to!”—Missy Morrill, Newark, California

Obama InaugurationGwenaëlle Gobé
THIRD PRIZE WINNER: “I like to focus on the faces in the crowd rather than on the main spectacle. I captured this boy’s elated expression at President Obama’s inauguration in January.”—Gwenaëlle Gobé, New York, New York

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