This Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Sells Every 6 Seconds—Here’s Why

Updated: Apr. 11, 2023

Touchland hand sanitizers revolutionized the antibacterial market with its sanitizer-meets-perfume design. Meet your new handbag essential.

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If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s the importance of keeping your hands clean. It’s a given that you should lather up a few times a day to prevent disease and boost hygiene. But if you’re constantly on the go or in need of hydration due to overusing hand sanitizer gels, allow me to introduce Touchland hand sanitizer

What is Touchland hand sanitizer? 

Perhaps you’ve seen the funky bottle on an influencer’s social media or in the beauty section of the local drugstore. At first glance, the “hand sanitizer” label goes relatively unnoticed. That’s because the one-ounce spritzer is designed to look more like perfume—complete with varying colors and scents—than sanitizer. 

Touchland introduced the concept in 2019 and it skyrocketed to popularity during a time when everyone needed to stock up on antibacterial items. Not only is it compact and lightweight, but it’s also artfully scented and innovative in design. The sanitizer swaps a traditional pump for a spray function. 

Let’s just say the hand sanitizers from Touchland are small but mighty. Each bottle contains one ounce of sanitizing liquid with 70% alcohol content by volume. Its main ingredients protect your skin without drying it out. Despite the spray’s ability to banish bacteria, it won’t leave your hands sticky and smelly. Aloe vera and lemon oil in the formula provide a strong moisturizing effect, while the rest of the ingredients knock out 99.9% of germs. 

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  • Appealing and innovative scents 
  • Moisturizing formula soothes dry skin 
  • 15 scent options
  • Comes in packs of one, three or five
  • 1,300 ratings and 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon


  • More pricey than most hand sanitizers 
  • The fruity smells may be too potent for some scent-sensitive users 
  • One spritz isn’t enough to sanitize, expect three to five per use  

Why is Touchland’s hand sanitizer so popular?

The Touchland Power Mist dispenses in satisfying spritzes instead of the goopy, slippery mess synonymous with traditional pump sanitizers. There’s also little to no risk of a spill in your bag given its small size. Each bottle is good for 500 sprays, though some reviewers point out that it takes about three to five spritzes to coat your hands. 

When you need that freshly-washed-hands feeling, just spray some product on your hands and work it in. The fine mist feels more like a liquid than a gel. Contrary to traditional sanitizers that leave behind a potent chemical flavor, Touchland’s Power Mists won’t leave that icky alcohol scent on your hands.

Plus, these hand sanitizers come in a plethora of fresh scents to match your vibe. From Pure Lavender—with notes of eucalyptus and vanilla—to Rainwater, complete with Lily of the Valley and cedarwood, there are 15 scents total to choose from. The formula is also vegan and free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, silicones and mineral oils. 

What Amazon users have to say 

Most people wouldn’t have given hand sanitizer much thought a few years ago. But these days, let your hand sanitizer be the prettiest thing in your bag. Here’s why verified Amazon reviewers love the Touchland Power Mists.  

Chloe says, “The bottles last so long, and the scents are nothing less than dreamy. The best part is you can share it without having kids and friends rub their dirty hands all over it. It’s so convenient and also aesthetically pleasing. I wish I could give this a million stars.”  

Amarie was “surprised” to like them as much as she did, especially after being skeptical of the price and small size. However, she now keeps three at work and around the house. She writes, “I hate to admit it but I will definitely purchase this again, no matter the price.”  

Where to buy Touchland hand sanitizer

This Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Sells Every 6 Secondsvia merchant

On Amazon, you can buy the Touchland Power Mists in packs of five or shop your favorite individual scents at, Ulta or straight from Touchland’s website, where you can save 10% on your first order. But take it from us (and more than a thousand five-star ratings), it’ll be tough to pick just one. 

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