A Whole Town Rallies to Help the Family of a Cancer Patient Whose House Burned Down

After a house fire left a Lexington, Texas, family with nothing, the community came together—even those who had very little, themselves.

paintingMonkey Business Images/ShutterstockCasey Butler thought a cancer diagnosis was the worst of her troubles. Then her family of six lost everything in a house fire, and weren’t sure how they would recover.

Luckily, their small town of Lexington, Texas, wasn’t going to leave them in the lurch. The 1,000-person community rallied together to completely restock a new house for the family. Churches from around the area donated furniture, linens, clothes, and more to get the Butlers back on their feet.

The local Cub Scouts have a canned food drive every year. This time, they showed up to the Butlers’ home with an entire truckload of nonperishable foods.

Even other not-so-fortunate Lexington residents were moved to help the family. One couple apologized for being unable to donate anything—but offered to decorate Butler’s seven-year-old daughter’s room. The young couple used donated items to great use. “I was so touched,” writes Butler. “What this loving couple did with my daughter’s room was outstandingly beautiful.”

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