Treadmill Interval Workouts

The treadmill is an ideal way to keep running during the winter months.

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If you are a runner like me, the winter months can be painful. All the ice, snow, and icy snow combinations falling from the sky leaves me no choice but to do many of my winter training runs on the treadmill… or as I, and many others, affectionately call it — the dreadmill.

My usual dreadmill routine is to warm up for five minutes at an easy pace, then up it to my cruising pace, and throw a towel over the dashboard for the remainder of the workout so I don’t get discouraged by the slowly ticking clock. All the while, I’m trying  to block out the running commentary in my head… “Has it been 10 minutes yet?” “I wonder if that was two miles?” “One more song and I can check my progress.” I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this dreadmill problem, so I turned to the web in search of answers. Enter treadmill intervals. gives her readers four treadmill workouts to keep things interesting and help the clock magically tick faster. Her best suggestion is to vary not only pace, but also incline, which will keep your mind busy, while also help your body blast calories.

Check out for the full list of treadmill workouts that you won’t dread. My favorite? The “Made for Speed” workout.


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