Trendy Tech Gifts for Under $40

These tech gifts are trendy.

The time has come to stress about what to get your new boyfriend, over-think that last stocking stuffer and buy, return, then re-purchase that gift for a big boss. Well, we just made your life a whole lot easier. Look no further: Truly cool tech presents that won’t even come close to breaking the bank (or your sanity):

The modern mix tape, $15
Designed to look like a retro cassette tape, the Milk Tape is a thumb drive that allows you to drag and drop about 15 or so songs from your iTunes account. The tape features a cassette case complete with an old-school white sleeve where you can write down the names of your tunes under a sappy headline.

A simple sound system, $24.99
The Amplifiear clips onto the corner of an iPad and reflects and projects the sound coming from the speaker forwards towards the user. The minimally-designed item (which looks a bit like a tea saucer or a single Mickey Mouse ear) comes in 6 different shades and is 100% recyclable.

A back-up battery, $39.50
Sometimes phones die when we least expect it. Never be caught off-guard again. This extra iPhone battery from J. Crew charges in your computer (then holds the charge till you need it) and is compatible with the iPhone 3G/4/4S. Check out these adorable extra patterns.

These gifts are also excellent for teen girls. Happy shopping!

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