This Island Resort Has a Maximum Occupancy of Just 28 People

If you’re really looking to get away from it all, this is the vacation you’ll want to book.

Chaiwut/ShutterstockThe best part about going on vacation is escaping your hectic everyday life—but sometimes, when you finally get away to the beach, it can be just as crowded as the train on your commute to work. If you’re looking to get away and enjoy a little privacy and peace of mind that you won’t run into any familiar faces, there’s a little resort in Fiji that might just be the perfect fit.

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Turtle Island is a private resort in Fiji that is known as one of the country’s exclusive retreats for honeymooners. The 500-acre resort is made up of only 14 villas on one island. Each villa is rented out to a couple, so the maximum number of guests that can be at the resort is 28.

The villas are each located on their own private strip of beach, so you can enjoy the tropical oasis with complete privacy. If you’re craving some social interaction, though, the resort has nightly parties that you can attend with the other guests and Fijian ceremonies that you can take part in.

Privacy comes at a high price: the rates start at $2,079 per night. However, it’s all-inclusive, so the private beach and endless meals may be worth the outrageous price tag. Too pricey for you? You can always check out one of these cheap travel destinations that still leave you feeling like a VIP.

[Source: Travel & Leisure]

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