There’s a Single Tutu in These Watermelon Slices—Can You Find It?

These watermelon slices look good enough to eat—but can you spot the stray tutu?

There’s not much we love more than a good spot-the-hidden-item puzzle. Whether they’re real-life photos or dizzying cartoon images, whether we find the goal immediately or stare at it so long we start to question our sanity, we can’t get enough. So just in time for the start of summer, we’ve found another picture puzzle for you to try your hand (or eyes) at.

Dancewear Central, the dance apparel company based in the United Kingdom that also provided us with this tricky puzzle where only 10 percent of people can spot the difference, has done it again. This time, turn your eagle eyes to this profusion of scrumptious watermelon slices. Somewhere among them, there’s a frilly pink tutu—and it’s harder to spot than you think. Maybe it was left by the ballerina hiding among the flamingos in this puzzle.

The tutu is the exact same shade of pink as the fruit of the watermelons, but it has no green rind or black seeds. Another similarity? It’s got the same basic semi-circle shape. (Of course, sizes are not accurate to reality; the tutu is the same size as the watermelon rinds.) See if you can find it!

Need a hint? It’s not in the left half of the image.

Ready for the answer?

watermelons visual puzzle answerCourtesy Dancewear Central

There it is! About a third of the way up, close to the right side of the image. If your mouth is watering for more food puzzles, see if you can find which English muffin is different in this puzzle.

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