Only a True Genius Could Figure Out What This Umbrella Looks Like Based on a Side View

How good are you with details?

This brainteaser seems a little one-sided, so it needs a new perspective.

You can only see half of this umbrella from the side, but the critter wants to know what its top view would look like. We’ve given you six different options. It’s up to you to figure out which one is the correct match.

only-a-true-genius-could-figure-out-what-this-umbrella-looks-like-based-on-a-side-view-753544396-Cernecka-NataljaCernecka Natalja/Shutterstock

Did you solve it yet? You might think you don’t have enough information to solve this puzzle, but if you take a closer look at the patterns on the umbrella, you can figure out how they match up with the top views. (If that wasn’t hard enough, try this triangle puzzle that the Internet is arguing over.)

For instance, you know the umbrella has at least two red polka dot sections. Between each of those is one blue and yellow striped section and a solid green area. That eliminates the top left and bottom left umbrellas. Ignore the ones with the striped and green panels in the wrong order—the top right and bottom right—and you’re left with just two options.

Look closely at the two that are still in the running: the middle right and the middle left. Which could it be? Both have a yellow polka dot panel next to one of the red sections, and a purple and green area next to the other. The answer lies in the one next to that purple and green section. (Next, see if you can figure out which word is missing in this brainteaser.)

The squirrel’s umbrella has a blue panel with yellow polka dots… just like the middle right umbrella! Here’s what the right answer looks like:

02-only-a-true-genius-could-figure-out-what-this-umbrella-looks-like-based-on-a-side-view-753544396-Cernecka-NataljaCernecka Natalja/Shutterstock

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