Unconventional Uses for Curtain Rings

Get hooked On a camping trip or a hike, when you don’t want to carry a backpack, it’s easy to

Get hooked
On a camping trip or a hike, when you don’t want to carry a backpack, it’s easy to lash a few items to your belt loop with the help of a curtain ring. Mountain climbers rely on expensive carabiners, which they use to hold items and to control ropes. But you don’t need to carry along anything so heavy. Attach your sneakers to your sleeping bag with a metal curtain ring; your gloves and canteen can dangle from a metal shower curtain ring or a brass key ring.

Keep curiosity at bay
It’s a natural stage of development, but not always one you want to encourage. Curious toddlers can’t help poking around in your kitchen cupboards. If you’ve got a toddler visiting, lock up your accessible cupboards by clicking shower curtain rings over the latches. Then when baby leaves, it’s easy to remove the rings.

Hold your hammer
Sometimes you need three hands when you’re doing household repair jobs. Attach a sturdy metal shower curtain ring to your belt and slip your hammer through it. Now you can climb a ladder or otherwise work with both hands and just grab the hammer when needed.

Store nuts and washers
Keep nuts and washers on metal shower curtain rings hung from a hook in your workshop. The ring’s pear shape and latching action ensure secure storage. Put nuts and washers of similar size on their own rings so that you can find the right size quickly.

Keep track of kids’ mittens
“Where are my mittens, Ma?” “Where did you leave them?” “I dunno.” Something as simple as a curtain ring can help you do away with this dialogue: Drive a nail in the mudroom wall. Hand kids curtain rings and tell them to use it to clip mittens together and hang them on the nail.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest