This Site Can Show You Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

The question is, do you want to know?

persononphonesergey causelove/Shutterstock

With so many political posts and inflammatory debates taking up social feeds, the urge to unfollow or unfriend certain Facebook friends isn’t all that uncommon, or even surprising. And you better believe others have the same feeling towards you.

Unless you regularly monitor the friend count on your profile, you have no way of knowing when someone hits that “Unfriend” button. Enter Who Deleted Me, a Google Chrome and Firefox extension that checks your profile so you don’t have to. When you login with your Facebook account, the program saves your current friends list, then it rechecks the list whenever you click on the app and lets you know if there are any changes, i.e. when someone unfriends you. It also makes a distinction between those people and friends who just deactivated their accounts. If you want to delete just part of your social media presence, use this guide to deleting your Facebook photos.

One thing the program (also available as an app) doesn’t do is let you know why people unfriended you. If you post too much or exhibit these signs that you’re legit addicted to Facebook, that could very well be a factor, and you may want to reconsider your current social media habits. Or they could just be rude who aren’t worth your time.

On the other hand, those friends who deactivate their accounts may be onto something. Studies show that quitting Facebook can actually improve your mental health.

There is a catch: Only apps that have been authorized by Facebook are secure, a representative for the site told MTV News, and using other programs could give shady people access to your personal information. In fact, Who Deleted Me was taken down in 2015 following a request from Facebook, but it is now available for download again. Does that mean the app and FB are friends again? It’s unclear. Maybe Who Deleted Me should run its friend-following magic on itself to find out.