This Little-Known Vegetable Can Add Some Serious Spice to Your Sex Life

You'll never need a libido boost again!

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If your sex drive has spiked this summer, it’s not your imagination. (This is the best time of day to have sex.) But for those who need to give their sex life a boost, we have the one thing you need for fabulous libido—and you can find it in your pantry.

Behold the radicchio rosso di Treviso, or radicchio for short. You’ll find this sweet vegetable in the Italian town where it got its name. But even then, you’ll be hard-pressed to get your hands on it; radicchios “only grow in a fertile patch of foggy land where precious minerals flow in fresh mountain streams,” according to OZY. Yes, this aphrodisiac really is that special.

It holds some special properties, too! Legend has it that medieval monks used this unusual veggie to treat anemia. And thanks to its hormone-regulating properties, it has been considered a libido booster for years. (Try even more aphrodisiac foods proven to spark romance—and avoid these foods that can absolutely kill your sex drive.)

But be warned: If you’re eating the common round kind, chances are your radicchio is a fake. A true radicchio is shaped like a fan and comes directly from Italy. A label with the words “radicchio rosso di Treviso IGP” will verify its authenticity. To double check that you have the real stuff, choose a leaf and twist the white stem. It should crack when you twist and taste bittersweet, juicy, and crunchy. Toss any leaves that have mushy, soggy, or bendable stems.

To eat, pair this aphrodisiac wonder with a pizza, cream sauce, jams, or ice cream. You can also eat it raw, dipping it in olive oil or hummus. Or you can drink it—seriously! A restaurant in Treviso, Italy serves a drink made of radicchio tardivo and sparkling wine.

Still can’t get in the mood? These steamy tricks are practically guaranteed to boost your sex life.

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