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We received some truly inspiring entries in our Most Amazing Pets contest. But only one can take home top honors. Vote once per day until July 9!

Mimi is my 110 lb English Labrador. When I am busy and my other dogs are outside in the yard crying to come inside, I can tell Mimi to go open the door and let the others inside. She’s the only dog out of seven that knows how to open the door. Mimi jumps happily and runs to open the door for the others. She is a huge sweetheart. Mimi also knows how to pick up her toys from the yard when I tell her and bring them inside. She has a habit of taking every toy out of the toy box.

My dog Barney is amazing because when we adopted him from Petsmart, he had just had his right hind leg amputated 3 weeks prior. He was a hit by a car and roamed a neighborhood with a compound fracture and bone sticking out until someone called the dog officer to have him picked up. Fortunately the vet who removed his leg saw Barney’s amazing spirit and decided to save him. Barney is happy 24/7 and if we could find a way to bottle his positive outlook and energy, we would understand that with the right attitude, we can overcome anything.

My half-Arabian mare Stasia is amazing. I’ve had her from birth and we share such a strong connection. I lost my stallion last year at 29. The day he died I was sobbing while I fed the girls. Stasia left her food, wrapped her neck around me, and just held me! She is so smart. She rears, bows, says her prayers, lays down on cue, and fetches anything I throw for her! She plays ball too. But my favorite trick is when I’m riding her she will pick up whatever I ask her to and hand it to me. Even my crop. Awesome! On top of that she is a show champion who tries her heart out. I love my Stasia so much.

Toby is my K-9 Search & Rescue (SAR) partner and a loved family pet. He’s certified in finding lost persons in wilderness, collapsed structures, and water recovery. And for fun he loves to help at Special Olympics events—meeting the kids, Polar Plunges and sports events. He is 7 and has been working and livin’ large since he was 1 and passed every certification test needed to credential him as an awesome team, community, and state asset. He is my bud and loved by my family, teammates and particularly the female dogs on the team—he’s a bit of a ladies man but behaves himself!

Kiki and Bobo
Kiki and Bobo are brothers that we found abandoned in our garage. Kiki is very intelligent and has figured out how to open cabinets, especially if he has seen us put Q-tips away. The picture I am uploading should help explain why being intelligent isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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