Does a Jacket Need to Be Expensive to Be Warm?

Baby it's cold outside, so follow our guide to getting the best bang for your buck when buying a winter coat.

Does A Jacket Need To Be Expensive To Be Warm?iStock/warrengoldswain

It is hard enough getting out of bed when it is still dark outside much less when you hear that wicked whipping winter wind. But do you really need to drop a wad of cash to feel warm and toasty? “Cost definitely does not drive the quality factor,” says Jennifer Garvin marketing and retail manager. “However, designer brands usually use advanced technology that can drive up costs,” she says. (Follow these fashion rules to stay warm and stylish this winter.)

What You May Get with a More Expensive Coat

  • Down or duck feathers. While these are traditional, down alternatives are equally good,because synthetic fibers and fabrics can also offer the same warmth and a lower cost. Plus you’re less likely to be allergic.
  • Warmer in much colder temps. You may find a jacket that says that it will keep you warm in 15-below weather but that may not be a necessary investment piece if you live in a city that has only seen temperatures below 0 once in the last decade. (Check out these classic jackets every woman should own.)
  • Waterproof or water-resistant fabrics. Before you spend the extra cash on one of these pieces, ask yourself if it’s necessary. Do you like long walks in the snow? Do you take public transportation to work and expect to stand outside while waiting for a bus or subway?
  • Fancy extras. Manufacturers are always adding features, like headphone accessibility, thumb holes for extra warmth, and bonded fabric to block wind. But those swanky additions can drive up costs. Skip those if they are not really needed and look for jackets and coats that sport a high neck and a cinched waist. These can go a long way in blocking out the wind and keeping you warm.

Get the Best Deal on a Winter Jacket

As with all things, timing counts. Buy coats at early seasonal sales in cold climates around back to school time and Labor Day. Black Friday and post-holiday sales can be good, but you may miss out on your size or desired style or color. “If retailers are having successes due to cold temperatures, they may choose to sell at full price,” says Garvin.

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