If You Walk Like This, It Says a Whole Lot About Your Personality

The way you walk may be determined by your daily schedule. But it also might be reflective of your personality, according to a new study.

walkAndrey Arkusha

Every choice we make inadvertently reveals something about our inner thoughts and tendencies. At least, that’s what science makes it seem like. Researchers have looked at everything from the way we dress to the way we sleep and found some sort of connection between everyday actions and our personalities. (By the way, this is what your sleeping position says about your personality.)

Now, there’s a study that takes a look at the way the everyman walks and how it relates to his personality. Available online via Sage Journals, it examines both the walking styles and personalities of 15,000 adults aged 25-100. As it turns out, the way someone walks can say quite a bit about who that person really is.

“Fast walkers are more likely to be extroverted, conscientious and open to new experiences… Neurotic people, though, tended to walk more slowly,” reports PsyBlog. The study found “robust evidence that walking speed in adulthood reflects, in part, the individual’s personality.” (No matter what your walking speed is, just make sure you’re trotting down the correct side of the street.

Overall, the conclusions seem pretty rational. However, these findings show a correlation, but not a two-way street, so speeding up your walking pace isn’t instantly going to make you the life of the party. But that doesn’t mean your personality even needs to change. There are hidden strengths of being an introvert, as well as hidden strengths of being an extrovert. You can thrive regardless of which category you fall into and how fast or slow you stroll. 

No matter what your pace, you’ll reap these 15 benefits of walking for just 15 minutes.

[Source: Inc.]