This Is What Princess Diana Could Have Lost If She Got Remarried

Updated: Mar. 28, 2022

Her divorce settlement had a lot of sweet perks, but they may have only lasted for as long as she remained single.

PRINCESS DIANATim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

After a tumultuous 15-year marriage filled with scandal, Princess Diana and Prince Charles broke their wedding vows and divorced in August 1996. Fortunately, the divorce did not strip Diana entirely of her fortune and status. Under the divorce agreement, she shared parental custody with Prince Charles raising their two sons, had full access to the royal family jets, and could keep her Kensington Palace apartment as long as the Queen agreed, along with all of the jewelry she obtained during her royal marriage. It was also reported by London newspapers that Diana would get $600,000 a year to maintain her new private offices in Kensington Palace, in addition to $22.5 million in cash, but official details of the financial settlement remained under wraps. Despite their turbulent relationship, Princess Diana and Prince Charles looked very happy in these rare photos of their wedding day.

Even though it sounds like Diana had a pretty cushy divorce settlement compared to most divorced spouses, there may have been one catch to some of the terms of the agreement —her marital status. In fact, royal family experts believed she may have had to relinquish many of her divorce settlement benefits if she were to remarry. She reportedly could have lost her home in Kensington Palace, the financing of her office, and possibly her title as “Princess of Wales” if she said “I do” again. One thing she did lose upon her divorce? Her “Royal Highness” style, which was the one thing she wanted to remain intact. A royal behavior expert told the New York Times in 1996 that stripping the “Royal Highness” from Diana’s name was “without historical precedent.” Don’t miss the 9 other things Princess Diana lost after she divorced Prince Charles.

As for what would have happened to Diana’s royal standing if the “people’s princess” had wed for the second time, unfortunately, none of us will sadly ever know, since her tragic death came a year after her divorce was finalized.

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