What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card

Whether you are trying to make your mom cry or laugh (or cry-laugh), these sentiments will add the perfect finishing touch to your message.

You can’t buy a Mother’s Day card and just sign your name underneath the pre-printed message. (No, you really can’t!) Sure, you probably selected the card you did because you liked the message but it will feel impersonal if you leave it at that. Doesn’t your mom deserve better on her special day? In addition to presenting her with one of these Mother’s Day gifts, you can make her day by writing something special in her card.

Knowing you should write something *special* can feel like a lot of pressure. You can’t just write anything, it needs to feel personal to your unique relationship with the woman who, oh you know, gave you life. To figure out what to write in a Mother’s Day card, get your creative juices flowing with these ideas.

  • A funny memory of her

  • An experience you shared with her

  • The qualities you love most about her

  • A happy memory with her from your childhood

  • Her favorite hobby, activity, or movie franchise

  • Your relationship with her: Birth mother, step mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend

Then build on these thoughts. Still need a little more help? Get some inspiration with Mother’s Day quotes, Mother’s Day poems, and mom memes. Fill out the message with one of these specially-crafted thoughts to write in your Mother’s Day card.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love

white paper surrounded by bright tulips on green background. paper reads, "your kisses still heal all wounds"Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

Your face was the first one I ever saw and I fell in love immediately. I’ve been loving you ever since.

Your hugs are the gift that just keeps giving.

To the world you are a mother but to me you are the world.

Your kisses still heal all wounds.

I love you fiercely, deeply, and forever.

You were my first true love and the love I measure all others by.

Your love has been a light to me in my darkest moments.

I love you more, plus infinity.

You fill our home with love, peace, and happiness.

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A grateful heart

stack of cards, pencil, and white tulip on blue background. top card reads, "thanks to one of the funniest, smartest, kindest, beautiful-est women i know!"Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

Thank you for being the person I can call at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.

Thank you for raising me and for continuing to lift me up.

Thank you for your example of kindness, compassion, love, and how to make the best brownies.

Thank you for showing me how to be the best kind of mother.

Thank you for being you so I can be me.

Thanks to one of the funniest, smartest, kindest, beautiful-est women I know!

I’m so blessed to have you as my mom.

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A giggle or an eye roll?

card, colorful tulip, and pen on orange background. card reads, "You must be a perfect mom because I'm the perfect child"Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

Happy Mother’s Day! Love, your favorite child

Thanks for giving me your best genes (and your best jeans)!

Being your kid was fun and all but how do I sign up to be your grandkid?

Quick, what’s my name? If you say it before saying the dog’s name, you get your gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite parents!

Congratulations to you on this Mother’s Day and congratulations to me for remembering it!

You must be a perfect mom because I’m the perfect child.

If you’re Supermom then that makes me Superman!

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Mother’s Day always falls on a Punday

card and dandelions on blue background. card reads, "you're my no drama rama mama llama"Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

You’re my mum and I’m y’orchid! (And here’s a bouquet of flowers.)

Don’t have a cow, I’d mooove heaven and earth to be with you today.

Hey mom, thanks for the womb and board.

You’re my no drama rama mama llama.

Alpaca a picnic and we can celebrate you in style.

You da mom!

The best moments in my life have been mom-ents.

Olive you berry much.

A wise woman

cards, glasses, pencil, white tulips on pink background. card reads, "Someday I hope to be as good of a mother to my kids as you are to me."Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

Wisdom isn’t genetic but it can be inherited—I certainly got mine from you.

I am a strong woman because I was raised by a strong woman.

It’s amazing how many sentences I start with “My mom always says…”

You taught me to love learning and I’m still learning from you.

My friends call to ask me for advice…from you!

You are smart and tough and brave and beautiful—everything I want to be when I grow up.

Someday I hope to be as good of a mother to my kids as you are to me.

You are the mother of invention—you’re creative and I definitely need you.

You are my hero.

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Other mothers (Stepmoms, grandmas, pregnant women, adoptive moms, etc.)

card, pencil, and flowers on green background. card reads, "you wrote the true definition of a mother in my heart."Mae Lander/rd.com, Getty Images

Thanks for stepping up as my stepmom.

Some moms are born of circumstance not blood and those ties can be even stronger.

I’ll always be grateful I found you mom.

Thanks for being there for me when no one else was.

You wrote the true definition of a mother in my heart.

I loved watching you grow as a woman and I am so excited to watch you grow as a mother.

Happy Mother-To-Be Day!

You’re like a mom to me and I’m so grateful you’re in my life.

Even though I’m not your own, thanks for loving me like I am.

You’ve always been there when I needed you the most.

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