What Would Make You Leave Your Partner?

Find out what would split up most relationships and what we could learn to deal with in 15 countries across the world.

See the full results of the global poll.

In this month’s global survey, domestic abuse is hands down the No. 1 choice in 10 of 15 countries. In the remaining five countries, respondents say that infidelity would drive them out the door. Across the world, the numbers show that men and women are more forgiving of their partner’s personal problems—not one country offered up job loss or substantial weight gain as the main reason to call it quits. The top two results actually reflect what experts routinely cite as major reasons for divorce internationally.

Domestic abuse was the top reason for leaving a partner in:
France 67%
Australia 57
Canada 57
Netherlands 55
U.S. 54
Russia 49
U.K. 49
Brazil 48
Malaysia 48
Germany 39

In France, only 3% of those over 45 would leave if their partner had an affair. While in Mexico, 70% of older respondents gave infidelity as their top reason for saying adiós.

Infidelity was the No. 1 response in:
Mexico 64%
China 57
Philippines 50
South Africa 49
India 39

Infidelity is men’s No. 1 reason to split in 12 of 15 countries. This is particularly true in Mexico (71%), China (70%), and the U.K. (70%).

Money Isn’t Everything
According to most respondents, job loss doesn’t equal love lost: In 11 of 15 countries, it ranks rock bottom. The exceptions are China, Malaysia, South Africa, and India, which has the highest number of respondents (19%) who’d leave if their partner got the boot.

Weighing The Options
In most countries, fewer than 10% of respondents gave weight gain as a reason to leave their partner. The countries that seem to care more about packing on the pounds? Germany (20%) and France (13%).

Germans are obsessed with being slim. [But] gaining weight would not alter his character!
—Margot Schlageter, 65, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Weight gain, unemployment, and even infidelity can be turned around; abuse never gets better.
—Shannan Hearne, 41, Clover, South Carolina

I would leave my partner if she had an affair. Every day, I’d be paranoid she’d cheat on me again
—Roderick G. Raymundo, 41, Taguig City, Philippines

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest