What’s the Expiration Date of Leftover Turkey?

It’s the question that causes much debate : When is it too late to eat turkey leftovers?

It’s the question that caused a debate throughout the office: When is it too late to eat turkey leftovers?

“I don’t trust old turkey,” said one editor, who cans the carcass after 3 days.

“I think of it as aged,” shouted another, referring to birds that linger in the fridge beyond his colleague’s 3-day limit.

“Vintage turkey,” the first retorted.

Others, like myself, were more adventurous with our estimates. “I’d say a week,” offered one food-loving editor, a statement that I—as a cookie-dough eating, “That’s not mold, it’s just powdery garnish” kind of person—agree with.

We visited Health.com to find the answer: “Leftover turkey stored in the refrigerator (between 35° to 40°) is safe to eat for 3-4 days; stored in the freezer (at 0° or below), for 3-4 months,” the article claims. Regardless, you’ll likely find me making one of these insane leftover turkey recipes up until this Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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