What’s Your News IQ? And Other Fun, Challenging Quizzes

A few brain games to test yourself and your IQ.

Sure, the news is widely available and readily accessible thanks to social media, but how much of it are we really taking in? Pew Research Center, a nonprofit “fact tank” based in D.C., has invited the public to take the News IQ Quiz it recently used to survey Americans’ knowledge of current events.  The quiz consists of 13 multiple choice questions featuring photos and maps, as well as text (we’re not giving anything away). Once you’re done, you can see how you match up against the 1,041 Americans who were originally sampled .

If Pew’s News IQ Quiz has your competitive juices flowing, head over to Sporcle for a variety of history quizzes with an added challenge: time limits. Race to identify (and correctly spell) the names of each president of the United States in under 10 minutes. If that’s too easy for you (!), try naming–in less than four minutes–the presidential candidates who received over 48% of the popular vote but lost the election.

Good luck!

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