Whip-Smart Career Advice from a Cosmo Editor

Keep these tips in mind.

Years ago, I worked for Kate White, who soon went on to her long, successful run as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan while simultaneously writing bestselling  nonfiction books and mystery novels. What impressed me the most, though, was the way she managed to balance her career success with a personal life, and time for family. This woman knew how to prioritize and get the job done better than anyone I’d ever met. I learned volumes just watching her.

Now she has a new book out called I Shouldn’t be Telling You This: Successful Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know. In it, she offers sage advice on everything from how to ace a job interview to how to get a raise to how to brainstorm a brilliant idea. Her “18 People Principles” are worth the price of admission alone. Here are three:

• Almost everyone wants to feel good about him- or herself (and acting with that in mind makes you more effective).

• People who approach you generally have an agenda, and you should figure out what it is.

• If you tell someone something under the legendary “cone of silence,” there is about an 85 percent chance that he or she will repeat it.

White’s advice is smart and pithy—and maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this, but guys can get plenty from this book, too.

For the more parental kind brand of advice, make sure you listen to your family’s pieces of wisdom.

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