This Major Supermarket Chain Just Had a Major Data Breach

Hackers are everywhere. Even in the cage-free egg aisle.

supermarketStokkete/ShutterstockWhole Foods was the bell of the multi-million dollar acquisition ball back in July after it was announced that Amazon had acquired the supermarket chain. To follow the ball analogy, the clock just struck midnight, and Whole Foods is turning back into a pumpkin. Because Whole Foods announced last week that its systems had been hacked.

Their statement, which was all of 170 words, didn’t reveal much. The chain specified that the breach was not at their standard checkout machines where one would pay for groceries, but at their taprooms and full table-service restaurants which are located within some, but not all, of their stores.

According to The Mercury News, there are 180 Whole Foods locations which have bars or taprooms, roughly 40 percent of all of their 464 nationwide locations. The bars, taprooms, and restaurants use different systems than the grocery checkouts, so the breach was isolated from the average customer just coming in for their weekly fix of Humboldt Fog for $27.99 per pound. (Here’s how to protect yourself online to avoid getting hacked or having your identity stolen.)

An investigation is currently underway into the security breach. For the time being, the company recommended for its customers “to closely monitor their payment card statements and report any unauthorized charges to the issuing bank.”

This breach comes on the heels of the recent Equifax security hack. And the Sonic security hack. How about the whole world just changes over to paying for things in nickels? You can’t hack nickels.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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