Problem: Dry Pork Chops

Why are your pork chops coming out dry, and what to do about it.

Q: My pork chops always come out dry. What am I doing wrong?

Problem: Dry Pork Chops
Buying well-raised heritage pork will transform your porcine dishes.

A: The problem is most likely the pork, not you. Years ago, some hungry marketer decided pork should be “the other white meat” and growers began to breed pigs to be like chicken. But that strips the pork of the marbling that provides moisture, flavor and tenderness. Thankfully, growers are again raising
pleasingly plump pigs. For succulent chops and ribs, ask your butcher for Berkshire, Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Large Black, Tamworth or Red Wattle breeds, or get them at

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