Why Pork Is the Perfect Meat

Los Angeles chefs share their picks for the perfect meat.

In a recent post, the blog Foodgps.com asked top Los Angeles chefs if they could only use one kind of animal in their cooking, what would it be? The most popular answer was pig. The animal can be used in so many different ways in every meal, from bacon to backyard ribs to elegant pork tenderloin. Ray Garcia, executive chef of Fig, said that pork is so versatile because while it can be a big ingredient it can also be very elegant. “It doesn’t always have to be big and heavy,” Garcia said. And who ever honestly gets sick of bacon? Beef and chicken were the next favorite meats cited, followed by game birds such as squab, pigeon, and quail—and one chef chose rabbit.

Here are some delicious recipes featuring pork:

Source: Foodgps.com

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