Stop Everything: Wine-Infused Coffee Has Arrived!

Why have iced coffee when you can have wine-infused iced coffee?

A perfect combination of your morning energy boost and evening wind down has been combined into an irresistible drink, making all of your dreams come true. Yes, that’s right: Wine-infused coffee is a real thing that exists and could soon be in your kitchen.

Molinari Private Reserve in Napa Valley and master roaster John Weaver of Wild Card Roasters created the masterpiece of a blend. It took over two years for them to work through a variety of combinations of red wine and coffee beans to find one to satisfy taste buds everywhere.

Wine-infused coffee is made when the beans are left to sit in the wine to absorb those oh-so-yummy flavors, then left out to dry, and then hand roasted. Molinari says that the drink smells like wine but tastes like coffee with a hint of blueberry. If you prefer the wine taste to coffee, the more milk you add the more the coffee will taste like wine.

Wine-Infused-Coffee-Has-Been-Made,-and-You-Need-to-Try-ItTatiana Ayazo/

Similar to vino, this drink also gets better the longer you let it sit. So maybe try to hold off your morning pick-me-up for an hour or so to make it taste even better. Feel free to get creative and make your wine-infused coffee over ice, as an espresso, or a latte. (Don’t miss these tips to make the perfect coffee.)

Since the wine is infused in the coffee for flavor, it’s not equal to downing a glass of wine. In other words, you won’t get drunk off two glasses, but it’s still unclear about the impact it may have on your productivity. So for now, enjoy your first cup after work to see how it makes you feel.

In the meantime, spoil yourself to a half-pound bag of wine-infused coffee online for $19.95 as well as in select wine stores around Napa Valley. Due to high demand, it’s already sold out, but you can look for updates on Molinari’s website because they’re roasting more as we speak!


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