Drinking THIS Type of Red Wine Is Scientifically Proven to Make You More Attractive

The earthy red that's attractive on a primal level.

More than a few people in the history of dating have wondered, “What does the drink I choose at the bar say about my personality?” (You can try and figure that out here.) An intricate cocktail could seem extravagant, while a bottle of the wrong beer could make you look like a college kid.

And while science hasn’t quite figured out that elusive first-date drink, it has discovered that one type of wine smells way more sensual than the rest. According to one set of research, the pheromones in pinot noir mimic the scent of the male sex pheromone, androstenone. Enhancing that scent could make a man smell a whole lot sexier—in a totally subtle way.


If red wine isn’t your thing, have no fear—you probably already own a cologne that channels its earthy, fruity, and spicy tones. You can even take it a step further with a pinot noir scented candle in the bedroom.

Still not a red-wine convert? Science has found that wine drinkers in general are more attractive—after one glass at least. One University of Bristol study found that tipsy participants were rated more attractive than their sober and drunk counterparts. Apparently, it’s the rosy glow that comes after a single glass that does the trick. Here are 13 other things that make you more attractive, according to science.

But before you take things too far—here’s what happens when you drink a glass of wine a day.