5 Easy Fixes for Winter Woes

Don't let the cold weather slow you down! These quick tricks will get you out of frustrating seasonal dilemmas.

frozen key
Nick Ferrari for Reader’s Digest

1. Unfreeze Locks with Lighters
Hold the flame to your key for a few seconds. The key’s warm metal will help melt ice crystals that have formed inside the lock.

2. Shovel with Cooking Spray
Spray your shovel with nonstick cooking spray before getting started; snow will slide right off.

3. Make Your Own De-icer
Mix 1 teaspoon Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, and ½ gallon warm water; pour the mixture over walkways to keep them from freezing again right away.

4. Use Your Porch to Refrigerate
If your fridge is full during the holidays and the temperature is 40°F or below, place hardy perishables (like fruits and vegetables) in a cooler outside near the back door. Doing so will free up a lot of extra shelf space while still keeping food cold.

5. Get Unstuck with Kitty Litter
If your tires are spinning in a pile of snow, sprinkle a healthy handful of kitty litter or birdseed under them to gain traction.

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