25 Wolf Puns That Are Howlingly Funny

These wolf puns will help you feel better about wolves—even the Big Bad one.

Poor wolves. They tend to be the villains of every story, from the Big Bad Wolf who tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood to the one who chased after the Three Little Pigs and destroyed two of their homes. (Don’t feel too bad for those Little Piggies—we’ve also got pig puns.)

But wolves can be funny, just like all animals can. (Don’t believe us? Just check out these fish puns and duck jokes.) And wolf puns can be just as amusing as, say, bear puns. (Somehow storybook bears are lovable—even though, in the wild, they’re just as dangerous as wolves.)

These 25 wolf puns will help you feel better about wolves—even the Big Bad one.

Wolf puns

1. What did the Big Bad Wolf do after his workout?

He huffed and he puffed.

2. How do wolves eat their food?

They wolf it down!

3. What do you call a wolf with a fever?

A hot dog.

4. What do you call a cold wolf?

A chili dog.

5. Why did the wolf cross the road?

Because he was chasing the chicken!

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6. What is a wolf’s favorite leafy green?


7. What is a wolf’s favorite tree?

A lu-pine.

8. What do you call a wolf who works as a lumberjack?

A timber wolf.

9. A wolf goes shopping for Halloween. He finds a lamb costume on the clearance rack, but it just isn’t sheep enough for him.

10. Did you hear about the cow that cried wolf?

Fake Moos.

Wolf Puns Fake Moosrd.com, Getty Images

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11. What happens when you cross a wolf with a sheep?

You have to get a new sheep. Speaking of sheep, check out these sheep puns that are simply perfect for ewe.

12. Why did the wolf go to the smoke shop?

He was looking for a pack.

13. Why couldn’t the wolf run in the marathon?

Because he wasn’t a part of the human race.

14. What do you call a wolf that knows it’s a wolf?


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Werewolf puns

15. What did the Uber driver say to the wolf?

“Where, wolf?”

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16. What do you call a wolf that uses bad language?

A swear-wolf.

17. Where do werewolves store their things?

In a were-house.

18. Did you hear about the wolf who fell into the washing machine?

It became a wash-and-wear-wolf. 

19. “Look! A wolf!”


“No. Just the regular kind.”

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Wolf Puns Howl O Daysrd.com, Getty Images

Howl puns

20. If I made wolf puns…

…they would be howl-arious.

21. What is a wolf’s favorite time of the year?

The howl-o-days.

22. What’s the name for the entrance to a wolf’s den?

A howl-way.

23. What did the wolf say after he stubbed his toe?


Longer wolf jokes

24. “Knock, knock!”

Who’s there?”


Howl, who?”

Howl you know unless you open the door?”

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25. Which animal…

…is grey…

…has four legs…

…howls at the moon…

…and eats cement?

A wolf. (I threw in the cement to make it hard.)