15 Reasons Why “Wonder Woman” Is the Movie the World Needs Right Now

Believe the hype—this is truly a movie for the ages.

Let’s be honest: It’s been hard to stay upbeat in the midst of all the recent negativity in the world. But the premiere of Wonder Woman, DC Comic’s newest summer blockbuster, just might change all of that. In fact, it’s exactly what we all needed right now—really!

The movie stars actress Gal Gadot as Diana, the Amazonian warrior princess who meets a pilot (played by the dreamy Chris Pine) and leaves home to fight in the war of the century. Even though the film was just widely released in theaters, it’s already a huge hit among fans and critics alike.

Why? For one, it’s an epic adventure tale that’s jam-packed with fantastic action scenes and CGI effects. Plus, it showcases a female superhero, among the first of her kind. And overall, it’s just a great story about courage, love, and positivity in the face of destruction and despair.

These tweets just go to show that one movie can change your perspective on life—and restore your faith in humanity.

From the get-go, the minds behind the film wanted to promote a positive message to the world.

Fans reacted accordingly. At long last, Hollywood has made a movie by females, about females, and for females.


Obviously, fans were pumped before they even got into the movie theatre. (Hyperventilating, anyone?)


But once they stepped out, their lives would never be the same.

The inspiring message prompted some very emotional reactions from viewers.

Also, same:

Wonder Woman had some little admirers at the premiere, and their costumes will make you cry. Aren’t they so CUTE??

Not only did Wonder Woman have a great theme, but it was also just an incredible movie, period. Even film critics were pleased.

Overall, fans had one simple message: Wonder Woman is “the movie of a lifetime.”


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