This Might Be Why You Can’t Buy Gum in Disney Parks

You can find a lot of things in Disney Parks, but if you're craving a piece of gum, it'll be difficult to find any.

Disney World has everything—from hidden Mickeys like these to flying elephants, Disney is a meticulously curated world of magical possibilities. Visitors can buy foods from around the world, purchase magic wands, and be doused in pixie dust. With so much available to the patrons at Disney World, when Disney doesn’t have something, it must be for good reason. Disney has prohibited items such as selfie sticks along with these other everyday items banned from Disney parks. But why don’t they seem to have gum?

Why doesn’t Disney sell chewing gum?

Spearmint chewing gumAlenKadr/shutterstock

Reader’s Digest got in touch with Disney to ask about their gum policies, and the company confirmed that chewing gum is not sold in their parks. As for the reason? It’s probably because they take pride in their cleanliness, and gum is a difficult substance to clean up and remove from surfaces. If visitors were to buy gum and consequently spit it on the ground or stick it to walls, it would create a less-than-ideal environment for other guests. More importantly, it would result in a sticky situation for custodial cast members. Who wants to step in a wad of Dubble Bubble while walking through the most magical place on Earth?

Proof that the policy works

To figure out the effectiveness of Disney’s no-gum policy, Reader’s Digest spoke with a former Disney cast member (who wanted to remain anonymous) to get the scoop on which foods need to be cleaned up most frequently at Disney World. She recalls the most frequently dropped foods to be “ice cream bars and cones.” The cast member also mentioned that soda cups often end up on the ground, because the “condensation on the cups makes them slippery.” Despite all of this, she “rarely saw gum on the floor…I cannot think of a time when I saw it at all! I’m sure it does happen, but I definitely never stepped in gum, or saw enough on the ground that would warrant concern.” Here are a few more secrets that Disney employees won’t tell you.

So, next time you’re packing for Disney World, remember that it’s BYOG. If you do decide to bring chewing gum along, be considerate of the custodial cast members.

Dani Walpole
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