Working Moms Clock in an Insane Amount of Hours Each Week, Says Study

Maybe send your mom two Mother's Day cards next year.


The gender-based statistical skew when it comes to stay-at-home parenting is on its way out the window. The majority of U.S. women, 64.4 percent, are breadwinners in their household, but that doesn’t mean that the parenting workload has disappeared. According to a new study conducted by Welch’s, American moms have an average work week of 98 hours. (By the way, you should never, ever say these 10 things to a working mom.)

The study gathered data from 2,000 mothers with children between the age of 5 and 12, and found that the average work day runs, on average, about 14 hours for moms.

The average “clock in” time for moms is 6:23 a.m., and the average “clock out” time is 8:31 p.m. Although the study did not include any working fathers, previous research has shown that when it comes to chore time versus leisure time, moms tend to outwork dads. Use these techniques to make extra income from home. 

With such a herculean workload, some help is needed to make it through the long haul, and moms say that Netflix, iPads, coffee, and drive-thru food can come in clutch. (This study definitely didn’t include the Royals, after all, they do have an iPad ban for their little ones.)

Working mothers epitomize the term “there ain’t no rest for the weary;” after all, they don’t get weekends off.  So, if you ever think that your mom is “nagging” you, remember that she’s been working unpaid overtime for her whole life. Also, daughters, her nagging is going to help you out someday!

Source: CBS News

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