This Workout Routine Will Help You Relieve Some Major Stress

It might seem like the best way to relieve stress and let loose would be to pick up boxing. But a new study points to this workout as a better option.

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If you’re trying to relieve stress during your work day, your best bet would be to either pick up the pen or pick up the joystick. But after hours, your time is precious, and you want to maximize your time any way possible. So why not combine your decompressing time with your chest pressing time?

According to Men’s Health, there is one workout routine that will really help relieve your stress, and that’s weightlifting. Although a long run through a field of lavender may seem like the best bet for clearing the mind, a new comprehensive study published in Sports Medicine provides plenty of evidence in favor of pumping iron.

The research compiled data from 16 studies composed of 922 total participants. There wasn’t one uniform weight-lifting routine in each study, but there were certain parameters the workouts fell into.

The routines ranged in frequency from two to five times per week, lasting an average length of 11 weeks, and varied in intensity from moderate to high. Moderate intensity workouts were considered to involve weights which were 50 to 80 percent of a participant’s one-rep max, while high-intensity workouts would involve weights which were 80 or more percent of a participant’s one-rep-max.

Some participants in the study had a history of anxiety, while some did not. Both groups enjoyed significant boosts in mental health and noticeable dips in stress levels. This is thanks to the effect which the workout has in the production of proteins in your brain known as brain-derived neurotrophic factors (or BDNFs, for short). BDNFs play a key role in building up your brain’s resistance to stress.

Dust off your lifting gloves, and hit the weight room, your brain will thank you. (Be sure to watch out for these 15 weight-lifting mistakes, though.) Need some other stress-relieving ideas? These tips are proven to help alleviate stress

[Source: Men’s Health]

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