Attention, Book Lovers: The World’s Largest Literary Hotel Contains 65,000 Books

You’ll never want to check out!

Libraryvia theliteraryman.ptWelcome to every bookworm’s dream: An entire hotel dedicated to the love of literature. And you won’t even need to leave the premises to explore thousands of different places and experiences because you can do it right from the comfort of your own room.

Located in Óbidos, a small Portuguese town outside of Lisbon, The Literary Man offers about 65,000 books for visitors’ perusal. Guests can stay in one of 30 rooms with different literary themes pertaining to notable Portuguese literature and writers. And did we mention the secret menu of cocktails named after famous authors? (If this got you screaming with joy, it could be a sign you’re a full-fledged bookworm.)

libraryvia“The idea is to provide a unique experience to our guests—each room is modelled on a specific literary suggestion,” owner and former mayor of Óbidos Telmo Faria told via email. “For instance, if Room 14 is named after the Portuguese Nobel Prize recipient José Saramago, and has books written by him, you will find other accommodations dedicated to poetry, travel writing and detective stories.”

Plus, the town of Óbidos itself is worth a visit for any hardcore bibliophile. Not only does the 700-year-old medieval village offer plenty of picturesque libraries and bookshops, but it’s also one of 20 cities named a UNESCO City of Literature. Book lovers should add the small town where there are more books than people to their bucket lists, too.

Ready to book (haha) your ticket? Don’t forget to pack the 20 books you really should have read by now!


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