This Is the Absolute Worst Christmas Candy—Ranked

Santa, take note.

CandyCourtesy CandyStore.comThe holiday season can take a serious toll on your wallet—and your waistline. As a matter of fact, the average American spends about $700 on gifts and goodies and gains around 1.3 pounds by the time New Year’s Day rolls around. So why waste precious dollars (and calories!) on sweets that are just plain awful?

Thankfully, is here to help you avoid any candy conundrums this year. The online retail store surveyed 13,000 customers to determine the worst Christmas candy on the market, and then ranked them by gag factor.

The No. 1 nasty treat? Christmas tree nougats. Not only would their sticky consistency make a dentist cringe, but the fake mint flavor is also “unholy,” according to one respondent. Beware of the worst candies for your teeth, too.

Second and third places went to reindeer corn—the festive version of candy corn—and Peeps, respectively. Considering that both are universally hated on their original holidays to begin with, this should come as no surprise to anybody with a sweet tooth.

Check out their infographic for the full list of terrible Christmas candies. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you don’t find these goodies under your tree this year. And Santa, a word to the wise: You’re better off stuffing those stockings with the most popular Christmas candy in each state, instead.

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