You Had Me at “No Cook”

No cook? Seriously!

If you are like me, then maybe you too had a moment about a week ago at your local supermarket, when you paused with your hand on a package of chicken thighs. “You know,” you might have said to yourself, “I think it’s too hot to turn on the oven now, until September.” And then you might have had a tiny moment of panic, like, okay… now what do we eat?

Which is why this excellent roundup couldn’t have come at a better time: 97 of the Easiest, No-Cook, No-Bake, No-Fuss Recipes. Our food editor and our summer intern spent serious hours combing dozens of sites, blogs, and magazines, then condensing the best into a summer’s worth of new, tasty, delicious, and yes, no-cook recipes so you and I didn’t have to. There’s a long list of dishes I’m hoping to get to—Ensenada Shrimp Cocktail, Melon Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Chickpea Panzanella with Capers, Zucchini “Pasta,” Three-Minute Tiramisu Sundaes—especially before roasting season starts up again in fall.

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