You Never Realized the Difference Between These Two Fruits

Newsflash: Blackberries and black raspberries aren't one in the same. Here's how to spot the differences—and why you want lots of both in your diet.

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They’re both small, sweet and delicious, so are blackberries and black raspberries the same? Nope. “Blackberry” is not just a faster, easier way to say “black raspberry.” They are, in fact, two different types of berries. Color us surprised!

Here’s how to tell them apart

  • This might sound obvious, but if what you have looks like a raspberry, but it’s black, it’s a black raspberry. Like red raspberries, black raspberries have a hollow center and tiny “hairs” on the outside.
  • If your berry has a white or green core where it was attached to the stem, and smooth, glossy flesh, it’s a blackberry.
  • Blackberries tend to be bigger than black raspberries.
  • In a side-by-side taste test, you should find that black raspberries are sweeter while blackberries are more tart.

To boost your health, choose both

All kinds of berries get gold stars for their health benefits—they are nutritional powerhouses. And blackberries and black raspberries deserve their stellar reputation. A cup of either blackberries or black raspberries packs 8 grams of fiber and about half of the vitamin C you need daily. Fiber is linked to a slew of health benefits including lower risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some digestive conditions. And vitamin C helps all parts of your body replenish and heal.

Black raspberries contain antioxidants and can help fight inflammation. They may also help improve your cholesterol levels and slow the development of heart disease. (Here are more heart-healthy foods you should always have on hand.)

The vitamin K in blackberries may help keep your bones strong, and its high manganese levels can help keep your blood pressure in check.

Wow! Talk about a lot of benefits. Find out how adding berries to your breakfast can help you lose weight.

Pack your summer meals full of delicious berries

Of course, all kinds of berries are always a treat by themselves, topped with whipped cream or served along with your favorite breakfast cereal. But there’s so much more you can do with black raspberries and blackberries. Start by checking out our favorite healthy recipes for all sorts of berries. and then move on to our more indulgent desserts. Next, don’t miss the 10 healthiest fruits for your body.

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