Yum! The Snack Too Tasty to Share

Popcorn love is in the air here at Reader’s Digest

Angie's sweet and spicyPopcorn love is in the air here at Reader’s Digest. My new snack of choice is this addictive sweet and spicy popcorn from a Minnesota company called Angie’s—it’s a base of sweet kettle corn followed by a zingy hit of cayenne and paprika that makes your eyes light up. And then you really want to try that one-two punch again and have to reach for another bite. But hey, since popcorn itself is so light, you can have a couple of handfuls and still only eat one serving portion. In theory.

Or let me put it this way: My job as a food editor means I get to try a lot of snacks. Usually, I share. And sometimes, when it’s really good—I don’t. Which is why my colleagues have zero recognition of this bright orange bag. It was a good one. Find it at regular grocery stores or buy online here>>

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