Never Pay for In-Flight Entertainment Again with This Smart Phone Hack

This does not work with a brown paper bag.

airplaneEtaphop photo/shutterstockIt’s a case of highway robbery that makes John Dillinger look like Shirley Temple. You’re sitting in the cramped cabin of a 747, finally settled in for departure, staring down a screen which would only look big by 1950s television standards. You get a preview of the programming while you sit on the tarmac, but once you take off, you receive a prompt for payment, a request for $6.99 to simply watch a censored version of a sub-par blockbuster on your two-hour flight. (Make sure you know these travel tips before your next flight.)

The airline monopolizes the content (movies), the equipment (screen), and even the real estate (the seat back). You want to end around the system by watching a movie preloaded on your phone, but you don’t want to hold it in perpetuity, and the tray table is about as stable as a Perfection game board.  But there’s a way to beat this problem, discovered by Reddit user randomusefulbits, and all you need is a Ziploc bag.

To start, make sure you have your in-flight media pre-loaded onto your phone. Sure, staring at your Uber app while it searches for service may seem enthralling, but the plot kind of gets repetitive after episode 3.

Next, grab a quart-size Ziploc bag. When you settle into your seat, slide your phone in the bag, make a hole on the size for headphones (Bluetooth headphones will come in handy here), seal the bag, unhinge your tray table, then secure your phone to the back of the seat using the table’s hook. And boom, you just made your own cost-free in-flight entertainment center, which will even work on the most expensive flights in the world. 

Sit back, take advantage of a complimentary snack and drink (but not this one, flight attendants hate it when you order this one), and make sure you don’t nod off during landing—it can be dangerous

[Source: LifeHacker]