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25 Best Comedies on Netflix to Stream for a Night of Laughs

In the mood for a funny flick? Check out the comedies on Netflix that will leave you in stitches before the credits roll.

35 Best Asian Movies to Watch Right Now

Spanning genres and cultures, these Asian movies show what it means to be Asian and Asian American today.

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May the 4th Be with You: All About the Star Wars Holiday

Not all that long ago, in this very galaxy, Star Wars fans found a really good excuse to celebrate their...

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20 Movies to Tug at Dad’s Heartstrings on Father’s Day

Most dads are big teddy bears when it comes right down to it. Check out these movies featuring awesome dads...

These Secret Netflix Codes Will Reveal Tons of Hidden Titles

From classic movies to international television staples, these hidden codes will take your Netflix scrolling to a whole new level.

35 Great Movies That Got Rotten Reviews When They Came Out

Who says film critics always get it right? Grab the popcorn, because these poorly reviewed films are absolutely worth a...

25 Best Memorial Day Movies to Commemorate the Holiday

To honor the fallen this Memorial Day, add blockbusters about battles and the brave men and women who fought them...

37 Best Vampire Movies to Sink Your Teeth Into

Whether you're in the mood for something silly, scary, or sparkly, these vampire films are a bloody good time.

90 Disney Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

Whistle while you work...on this Disney trivia quizzer about Mickey and Minnie, Disney movies, and more.

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35 Best Mother’s Day Movies to Watch with Mom in 2022

Curl up with some popcorn and chocolate (and don't forget the tissues) to watch the best movies that pay tribute...

25 Best Easter Movies for Kids to Watch in 2022

Continue your Easter celebration on the small screen by watching these fun—and meaningful—Easter movies for kids.

10 Best Easter Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now

Grab a snack and get comfy on the couch! These Easter movies on Netflix are perfect for Easter weekend streaming.

27 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

From steamy thrillers to foreign romances and everything in between, the sexiest movies on Netflix really set the mood.

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The 24 Best Easter Movies to Watch This Year

Did your go-to family favorite make our list of the best of the best Easter movies to watch?

70 Best Drama Movies of All Time

Searing emotional sagas, intimate personal portraits, and gripping inspirational tales—these emotional movies are all the drama you need in your...

32 Best Irish Movies to Watch for St. Patrick’s Day

Rich in history, humor, and heartwarming tales, these Irish movies are perfect for a St. Patrick's Day movie marathon.

50 Best Action Movies of All Time

It's time to catch the baddies and maybe even save the world with these fast-paced action movies you can't help...

26 Chilling True-Crime Documentaries on Netflix to Watch Right Now

True-crime documentaries are hotter than ever, especially on Netflix. But which are worth watching? We've rounded up the very best.

40 Sci-Fi Movies That Are Out of This World

Grab the popcorn and prepare for lift-off. Whether you're into aliens, robots, or time travel, these must-see sci-fi movies will...

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76 Classic Family Movies Everyone Will Enjoy

Grab the popcorn and get to watching! These classic family movies will bring the whole family together.

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41 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Grab the popcorn...and maybe your dancing shoes. These are the soundtracks you’ll want to listen to long after the credits...

Why Bill Murray Hated the Movie ‘Groundhog Day’

You'll never watch (or rewatch) this classic comedy the same way again.

30 of the Best Valentine’s Day Movies That Will Make You Swoon

Cuddle up for a night of the most romantic Valentine's Day movies you can stream right now.

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30 of the Best Dog Movies to Watch Right Now

Get your tails wagging! Here's our roundup of the best dog movies to watch with your family—including the pups, of...

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The 40 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

From rom-coms to love dramas, these swoon-worthy romantic movies on Netflix are guaranteed to give you butterflies. Happy streaming!

100 Best Movies to Watch From the Last 100 Years

From comedy to drama to horror to infinity (and beyond), these are the best movies you absolutely have to see—and...

40 Sad Movies When You Need a Good Cry

Grab a box of tissues and let it all out with these sad movies that will turn you into a...

50 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love over and over again with these romantic comedy movies that are...

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The Best 100 Funny Movies of All Time

We rounded up the top 100 funny movies of all time, from rom-coms to screwball comedies. Grab the popcorn and...

29 of the Best Kids’ Christmas Movies on Netflix

The holiday season is the perfect time for a family movie night with these kids' Christmas movies on Netflix!