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35 Alice in Wonderland Quotes That Will Transport You Through the Looking Glass

We've rounded up the most wonderful and whimsical Alice in Wonderland quotes so you can feel like you've fallen through the looking glass any day of the week

30 Best Disney Movies of All Time

From animated happily-ever-afters and live-action fairy tales to decades-old classics, we've got the best Disney movies ever

Everything You Need to Know About the Frozen and Toy Story Sequels

Sequels to the modern Disney classics Toy Story and Frozen are on the way—here's what to expect from the new...

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22 Cutest Disney Couples from All Your Favorite Movies

From the earliest movies to the latest hits, these are the best Disney couples ever—and it's impossible not to fall...

17 Disney Live-Action Remakes Every Fan Needs to See at Least Once

We're rounding up the best Disney live-action remakes you can watch now—plus two to look out for later this year

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The Disney Movie That Came Out the Year You Were Born

Hi-ho, hi-ho, down memory lane we go!

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120 Disney Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

Whistle while you work ... on this Disney trivia quizzer about Mickey and Minnie, Disney movies and more

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60 Best Disney Quotes That Will Delight Fans

Find a little magic in these lines from some of the Mouse House's finest flicks

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370 Disney Characters from Your Favorite Movies and Shows

A comprehensive list of your favorite Disney characters awaits, from Abu to Zero!

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9 Disney Characters You Can’t Meet in the Parks Anymore

Meeting your favorite characters is one of the best parts of a trip to a Disney park, but there are...

How Star Wars Helped Me Bond with My Dad

The film holds a special place in many people's hearts, but its place in my heart also includes my dad.

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25 Disney Jokes That Will Give You a Good Laugh

When you wish upon a star (or Google), you get some quality Disney-themed humor!

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The 3 Things Never Allowed in Disney Movies

The rules are stricter nowadays.

Meet the Real Man Who Inspired Disney’s Tarzan

Tarzan: the man, the myth, the legend.

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The Mysterious Note Walt Disney Left Behind Before He Died

When he died, Walt Disney left a multi-million-dollar franchise. But one small note changed everything.

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This Is Why You Rarely See Moms in Disney Movies

How many Disney movies can you think of where a character's mom is present? The reason they're absent actually makes...

15 Best Disney Songs, Ranked

If you've ever wondered what the top 15 all-time Disney songs are—the ones loved by Disney fans of all ages—you've...

15 Impressive Words You Can Learn from Disney Songs

If you say them loud enough, you'll always sound precocious!

The Scientifically Accurate Version of “Finding Nemo” Would Have Been a VERY Different Movie

Let's just say that if Disney had chosen to stick to the marine science, the film would have been pretty...

50 Walt Disney Quotes That Will Inspire You to Dream Big

A visionary in the entertainment world, Walt Disney never stopped dreaming. Get inspired by his passion and imagination with Walt...